Weekend in pictures II


Welcome spring!


Duckboards need some repair.DSCF7190DSCF7192DSCF7202DSCF7204

Trail destruction.DSCF7209DSCF7211

Things to have :

– tyre boot

– needle and thread

– patch kit

– Inner tube

First time in my life I got a minor sidewall cut and only cure I found in my pack was a new inner tube.  So without the first 3 items I had a second flat ten minutes after the repair.

Ended up walking 10 km back home…


Last remaining snow on trails.DSCF7221DSCF7226DSCF7229

Hepaticas in southern banks are the fist signs of spring.DSCF7243DSCF7261DSCF7280DSCF7288DSCF7298DSCF7302DSCF7304